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Manly Mechanic social media design

“Manly Mechanic” social media design

I worked with Rolo and his team to create an identity for “Manly Mechanic”, a car workshop located in Sydney, Australia. We focused on graphic and communication design for social media. I started by improving theirs social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram), filling both profiles with information, location, services and contact links.

Next step was creating a content strategy such as tips, information for drivers, car-care advices, mechanic work, interesting information, services and Google reviews from real clients. Finally, I worked designing posts for main feed, icons for highlights and stories.

Rolo was very satisfied and i was very pleased to work with my first australian client. Thank you Manly Mechanic!

graphic elements identity mechanic design
before and after instagram design profile
Manly mechanic - Sydney Australia. Social media posts.